Actionable Marketing Made Simple - Jess Cook - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 056

Today, we are honored to host a distinguished guest: Jess Cook, a mastermind in the realm of content marketing. With an impressive track record working with renowned brands such as Eggo, Rice Krispies, Blue Cross, Cottonelle, and McDonald’s, she brings over 15 years of expertise to the table. Jess has seamlessly transitioned from a creative director to a content marketer and strategist. Not just limited to her professional achievements, she has a substantial following of 20,000+ on LinkedIn and Co-hosts the That’s Marketing, Baby! Podcast. With her ability to streamline the creative process, guide cross-functional teams, and craft impactful global campaigns grounded in insights, Jess excels in shaping compelling narratives through various content formats.
  • Despite women constituting 60% of marketing roles, Jess’ research revealed a significant underrepresentation of women in marketing podcasts. Her analysis found that only 9% of the podcast clips featured two women. This highlights a crucial opportunity for the creation of more podcasts led by women, indicating an unmet need in the industry for diverse voices and perspectives.
  • Jess emphasizes the importance of proactive outreach, encouraging women to ask to be on podcasts, as hosts are often seeking diverse guests.
  • Be conscious of guest selection to ensure diversity in perspectives and avoid featuring similar guests repeatedly.
  • Embrace the multitude of unique voices and approaches in your field to enrich your content and engage your audience effectively.
  • When naming your podcast, prioritize a name that immediately captures the show's essence. It can be something fun, sassy, and unique that resonates with your vision. Make it relatable, avoiding overly formal or generic titles. A catchy, memorable name sets the tone and invites a wider audience to engage with your content.
  • Define clear goals for your podcast's success. Monitor your progress and adjust your strategies accordingly. Don't hesitate to take breaks and plan between seasons; listeners will return, and your podcast can continue to grow successfully.
  • Partner with someone whose skills complement yours. The synergy between different expertise can bring depth to your content and attract a wider audience.
  • Plan your podcast content in advance. Outline topics, and consider keeping episodes short, actionable, and manageable.

Quote of the Show:
  • “If the content is good they will come right back and they will grow.” - Jess Cook



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Actionable Marketing Made Simple - Jess Cook - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 056
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