Actively Listening to Your Guest - Connor Dube - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 024

There’s no better time to improve your podcast or launch your show. In this episode, you’ll learn how to be a great podcast from “The Content King”, Connor Dube. Connor Dube is the host of The B2B Mentors Podcast and the CMO of ProvenContent. Connor explains how he creates “Edutainment” content, how to find the right structure for your podcast, and why active listening is vital for a great podcast interview.
  • Find a balance between educating and entertaining your guest and audience. Don’t take yourself or your podcast too seriously, it’s OK to crack some jokes every now and then. When providing “Edutainment”, the show becomes a fun way to learn, which is valuable.
  • Approach every conversation with a childlike sense of curiosity. If a guest says something that interests you, dig deeper and learn more. It’s OK to be selfish to satisfy your curiosity and your audience will likely also enjoy it. 
  • Even if you don’t script out all of your questions, make sure to do your homework on the guest. Guest research for your podcast can include listening to other podcasts they’ve been on, reading their LinkedIn posts and articles, and checking out their social media.
  • Active listening is a crucial part of a conversation. When you’re actively listening, you can find the interesting things they’re sharing and ask follow-up questions to explore that topic. This is where great content comes from. 
  • Everyone messes up during their podcasts, the important thing is to keep rolling and learn from those mistakes. The best way to get better as a podcast host is to keep podcasting. 
  • Find the right structure for your podcast by finding what works best for you. If you need lots of preparation and scripted questions to be successful, do what you need to do. If you try to be something you’re not, people will sense the inauthenticity and tune out.
  • Discover what lights up your guests and gets them excited to talk about, this will help them open up and lead to great conversations. A lot of times in the B2B world, most people are focused on themselves, so that can be a great place to start.
  • Avoid using your podcast solely as a way to get people to your sales pitch. If there is a way that your company could help solve a problem they’re facing, it’s best to just casually mention it. Focus on building the relationship before ever asking for anything.
Quote of the Show:
  • “There is no right structure. There's only a right structure for you to be authentic because that's the only way that it's going to work.” - Connor Dube
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Actively Listening to Your Guest - Connor Dube - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 024
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