Avoiding Guest Taxidermy - Paul Ollinger - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 020

Today’s guest is a stand-up comedian, writer, and public speaker. Paul Ollinger is the Host of the Crazy Money Podcast. Paul shares his secret sauce for podcast preparation, what it takes to break through to the person underneath the talking points, and how to ask questions that are tied to the theory of your podcast. 
  • Preparation is one of the main keys to podcasting. When you’re asking for someone else to give you their time by being a guest on your show, you need to show them that you care by preparing before your interview with them. They will appreciate your effort. 
  • Guests in the public eye, especially authors, have to answer the same exact questions in every interview they do. Use your podcast as a chance to break up those same exact questions by taking the time to develop new and interesting questions for your guests. 
  • As a podcast host, you have the time to read your guests’ books and understand their ideas so you can ask them deeper questions about their theories. When you ask an author about something from their book, it shows that you really care about them.
  • You should invite people to your podcast because you want to learn from them, not because you want to use their status as a way to land other guests. You never want guests to feel like they are just “Guest Taxidermy” for you to hang up on the show. 
  • One way to prepare for interviewing an author is to write questions that come up while you are reading their book.
  • One of the best ways to invite guests to come on your show is by asking a mutual friend or connection to recommend your podcast to them. Beyond this, try focusing on the guest and their accomplishments in your outreach.
  • Your first question is the most important question of your entire podcast. You need to connect with the guest and capture the interest of the audience right away. You have a very limited period of time to build trust with your guest and audience.
Quote of the Show:
  • “If I have one regret about podcasting, it’s that I didn’t start earlier” - Paul Ollinger
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Avoiding Guest Taxidermy - Paul Ollinger - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 020
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