Building Authentic Brands through Podcasts - Lindsay Tjepkema - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 064

In this episode, Casey chats with Lindsay Tjepkema, CEO and Co-Founder of Casted, a podcast and video marketing platform built for B2B marketers. They discuss the importance of human connection in podcasting, the influence of AI, and the relevance of high-quality metrics in knowing your audience. Lindsay emphasizes the importance of an authentic and audience-focused approach in podcasting, rather than focusing on the host or guest. She also shares some of the challenges and opportunities for creating quality content, and her views on promotions, seasons, and sponsorships in podcasts.
  • Look for ways to educate your audience. Use your podcast as a medium to enlighten your audience about relevant and interesting topics.
  • Remember that human connection is a basic business need. Even though technology and automation might streamline processes, the need for human interaction is fundamental and should not be overlooked.
  • Keep your audience as the top priority. Use your role as the host not to serve your own interests, but to provide value and serve your listeners.
  • Constantly evaluate your podcast's performance. Always ask yourself: what does a successful podcast look like to you? Use this vision to shape your podcast's current strategies and future growth.
  • Taking product discussions into the podcast should be done strategically. Ensure that it adds value to your listeners rather than sounding like an overt promotional activity.
  • Be passionate about authentic brand building. Strive to convey the true essence of your brand in every podcast episode you create.
  • Strive to connect on a human level with your guests. This not only improves the quality of conversation but also makes your audience feel more engaged.

Quote of the Show:
  • “The brands that get it right and have the most loyal following are the ones that prioritize getting creative about human connection.” - Lindsay Tjepkema


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Building Authentic Brands through Podcasts - Lindsay Tjepkema - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 064
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