Connecting With Your Guests - Nick Uresin - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 009

Are you connecting with your guests after your podcast? One of the key things to do after recording a podcast is connection. Here to teach you how to connect with your guests and audience is Nick Uresin, Founder and CEO at Argometrix and Host of Amazon Legends. Nick walks us through step by step on growing a relationship with not only your guest but your audience members too. Tune in to this amazing episode! There's so much to learn from this one!

  • Before you create a podcast, make sure you know why you want to make it.
  • Figure out who your target audience is for your podcast. It is good to jot down ideas about who you want your listeners to relate to. This will help figure out who to bring onto the show.
  • Starting a podcast can bring more customers to your website. This is going to help grow connections with the guests you've had on. 
  • Try to create a relationship with your guests. Grow a connection with them and keep them as partners in the future.
  • After your recording call with the guest, make sure you have them stay a little after you stop recording so you can go over the episode with them, and as if there are any questions. You want to make your guest happy with the recording. 
  • Do a follow-up call with your guest and share with them what they can do to help make their episode popular. Give them tips on how to add more listening ears.
  • Make sure you give your guests the stats of their podcast episodes. If their episode had a lot of views on it, sharing it with them will make your guest feel happy about what they shared with you on the podcast.
Quote of the Show:
  • “I don't shift. I learn and grow.” (6:20)
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Connecting With Your Guests - Nick Uresin - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 009
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