Creating a Community Around Your Podcast - Justin Lake - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 016

Your podcast can make a difference in the world and connect people by creating a strong community. Justin Lake is the CEO & Co-Founder at Skyllful and Co-Host of the Frontline Innovators podcast. Justin breaks down what to cover with a guest on a prep call, why hosts should never interrupt their guests, and how to build a vibrant community around your podcast. 
  • Using a Prep Call before recording a podcast allows your guest to be more comfortable, especially when it’s their first time on a podcast. This way you can get to know the guest, set the expectations for the show, and establish trust. 
  • While your company may receive some benefits from your podcast, the focus of the show should be on the guest sharing their experiences and knowledge. It’s important to communicate this to avoid awkwardness with the guest when talking about businesses.
  • Interrupting your guests is extremely rude and can ruin the rapport you have with them. A host's interruptions also lead to horrible audio for their audience to listen to. 
  • Your podcast should be a forum for the guest to share their ideas. You should give them the opportunity to get their thoughts together so they can express their thoughts, even if this means letting them ramble for a few extra seconds. 
  • Creating a community based around your podcast is a great way to keep in touch with guests and share the messages from your podcast with others. 
  • There are many different channels for hosting a community and you should prioritize what works best for your community members. Examples: Slack, Discord, Teams, LinkedIn, Zoom, etc.
  • If you have very good guest targeting, it doesn’t matter if a guest doesn’t turn into a real prospect for your company. As long as they are representative of a prospect and their concerns, the conversation will be worthwhile. 
Quote of the Show:
  • “The podcast is fantastic, but the community that we're developing in and around the podcast has turned out to be profoundly impactful to us” - Justin Lake
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Creating a Community Around Your Podcast - Justin Lake - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 016
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