Creating Authentic, Improvised Moments - Travis Tyler - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 028

Get ready to learn from a hilarious digital content creator and successful B2B marketer in today’s episode! Travis Tyler is the Host of The Customer Engagement Lab and is the Senior Digital Content Producer at PandaDoc. Travis shares how you can make your podcast fun for everyone involved, why you should record a pilot episode, and what to think about when representing your company.
  • You should make your podcast fun for your guest, your audience, and yourself. While this may sound simple the B2B world has been a dry and boring place for a long time and breaking that trend can be complex. 
  • When searching for inspiration for B2B content, look outside of the business world. Check out many of the successful comedy podcasts or go out to a local improv or stand-up comedy night. 
  • Bringing fun to your podcast means blending your guest’s sense of humor with your own, which takes practice. A great way to get experience with this is through improv. It’s important to note that the best improvisers are the best listeners.
  • Recording a pilot episode for your podcast is a great way to work out the bugs without making all of the embarrassing mistakes public. You should share the pilot with key stakeholders to get their opinions on the format, style, and feel of the show
  • When hosting a B2B podcast, you need to recognize that you represent your company through your words and actions on the podcast. This isn’t to say you should never cross any lines, but that you should know where the lines are before crossing them.
  • Giving your guest something to react to can lead to a fun segment or conversation on your podcast. For example, you could ask for their commentary on a joke, video clip, article, idea, social media post, etc. This can break up the monotony of the format.
  • Most people listen to podcasts for two reasons, to be entertained and to be educated. If your show is a B2B podcast, make sure to incorporate both elements into your podcast to give your audience everything they’re looking for.
Quote of the Show:
  • “The best improvisers are not the loudest, they're not the most physical, they're not the ones with the wittiest jokes. They're the best listeners.” - Travis Tyler
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Creating Authentic, Improvised Moments - Travis Tyler - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 028
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