Curiosity Unleashed - Sarah Tourville & Mark Stiles - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 055

Today, we are honored to welcome two exceptional professionals and dedicated Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) members. Brace yourselves for a special episode delving into the heart of EO, its chapters, and the art of crafting captivating chapter podcasts.

First in the spotlight is Sarah Tourville, an entrepreneur extraordinaire and a global PR pro. As the Communications CoBoard Chair at the EO Atlanta Chapter and the mastermind behind the EO Atlanta Podcast titled Taking Flight: Entrepreneurs Journey, she embodies the spirit of innovation. Sarah, the CEO & Founder of Media Frenzy Global, brings her wealth of expertise to our conversation today. Welcome, Sarah!

Joining her is the formidable Mark Stiles, a multifaceted entrepreneur, accomplished attorney, and compelling speaker. With his podcasts, Elements of Stiles and EO Boston’s Leadership in Action, Mark paints vibrant narratives. As the Founder of Stiles Law and Director Of Special Operations at SecuriTitle, he brings a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial landscape. Welcome, Mark!

  • Energy is key. Whether you're a host or a guest, infusing your conversation with vibrant energy captivates listeners, keeping them inspired and engaged.
  • Adapting to your guest's energy level is crucial, ensuring the conversation remains lively and informative. Remember, a podcast's success is driven by the enthusiasm and curiosity of everyone involved.
  • Successful podcasting thrives on adaptability and curiosity. Embracing the challenge of diverse conversations, whether with experienced entrepreneurs or prospects, opens up wide-ranging dialogues. The key lies in genuine curiosity, supported by structured pre-calls, enabling hosts to delve deep into guests' stories and perspectives, fostering engaging and authentic discussions.
  • Podcasting evolves from inclusivity to depth. Beyond random themes, the focus is on unique stories. There's untapped potential for richer, diverse content.
  • Although initially overwhelming, a dedicated approach to learning and implementing instructions simplifies the process.
  • Podcasting success comes from energetic engagement, active listening, and asking thoughtful, unexpected questions. Confidence grows with experience, leading to insightful conversations that captivate listeners.
  • Blending structure with spontaneity. As confidence grows, questions become part of a fluid conversation. Balancing a structured process with genuine, enriching dialogue is key, ensuring each episode remains engaging and dynamic.

Quotes of the Show:
  • “If we are enjoying it hopefully other people are enjoying it too” - Sarah Tourville
  • “I've gotten more confident with it; I trust that process more now” - Mark Stiles

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Curiosity Unleashed - Sarah Tourville & Mark Stiles - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 055
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