Empowering Podcasting Tactics - Monica Anderson - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 063

Our special guest today is Dr. mOe Anderson (Monica "mOe" (Frazier) Anderson, DDS, DBA, FICD), the host of The Perpetual mOetion Podcast. In this episode, she shares her experiences as a podcaster and a passionate public speaker. She highlights the importance of having quality, open-minded podcast guests who provide value and empower people. Dr. Anderson stresses that her objective is to educate listeners and give them tangible takeaways for personal transformation. A notable strategy she uses is to prepare questions that explore the journey of her guests, leading to revelations about their experiences and thought processes. Dr. Anderson also discusses the challenges she faces, such as time management and the growing numbers of people trying to profit from podcasters, and shares her goals for the future of her show.

  • Diversify your guest list: Regularly invite individuals from different backgrounds, industries, and perspectives to be guests on your show. This enriches the conversations and makes your show more interesting to a broader audience.
  • Prepare thoroughly for each guest: Before you speak with your guests, thoroughly vet them and prepare for the interview. This helps to create a more engaging conversation and allows you to ask deeper and more insightful questions.
  • Consider adding visual components to your podcast: With the increasing popularity of video content, consider integrating video components into your podcasts. This can expand your audience and increase engagement. 
  • Look for authenticity in your guests: Prioritize guests who are open, genuine, and willing to share meaningful information, not just promote their products or services. This contributes to the overall value of your podcast. 
  • Embrace humility in your podcasting journey: Remember that even as the host, there's always something new to learn from your guests. Set aside any ego and approach each conversation with curiosity and a desire to learn.
  • Be selective in accepting guest pitches: Avoid guests who offer basic, cookie-cutter advice and those who are primarily focused on self-promotion. Instead, prioritize individuals who have unique insights and fresh perspectives to offer your audience.
  • Leverage your podcasting network: Make the most of your relationships with past guests by seeking their recommendations for future interviewees. This can help maintain the quality and diversity of your guest pipeline.

Quote of the Show:
“I want to educate people. I want them to have some transformation, something to take away. So I look for quality guests who are really about empowering people.” - Monica Anderson


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Empowering Podcasting Tactics - Monica Anderson - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 063
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