Ensuring A Great Guest Experience - Joel Primack - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 037

This special guest is a marketer, community leader, and expert in creating and growing communities that can fuel your company’s growth. Joel Primack is the Host of The Community-Led Growth Show, an advisor to Charla, and the former Social & Community Specialist at Lattice. Joel shares how he prepares both himself and his guest before the recording, why releasing your podcast in seasons can help you as a host, and great touch points to re-engage with your guests after recording.

  • For guests that are recording their first podcast, it’s very natural for them to feel nervous, so make sure to accommodate them as best you can to help them feel more comfortable. 
  • Podcast hosts have a duty to invite a diverse group of people to come on their show and share their experiences. To do this, the host needs to be intentional about it all the way through the process, from selecting the guests to pronouncing their names correctly.
  • Splitting up your podcast into seasons can be a good way to give yourself time for self-care, especially when hosting the podcast is not part of your full-time job. Capping the number of episodes per season also gives you more time to focus on each guest.
  • When inviting high-profile people or companies to guest on your show, don’t be surprised if they ask you to work with their PR team. PR teams can help you prepare by sharing which subjects are taboo. Sometimes they will ask to review the episode before it airs.
  • If you ask the same question in every episode and if that question asks for a list of things or multiple aspects, it can be great to have your guest write out bullet points for the topics they want to discuss. 
  • As a podcast host, part of the role you play is to be a gatekeeper for your audience. This means that you are responsible for providing your audience with valuable content and filtering out the fluff. 
  • A great extra touch point after recording with a guest is to send them a screen recording of you searching their name on a podcast platform and showing them that the content they recorded with you is now actually available everywhere for everyone to hear.

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  • “I want to make sure that they're comfortable and confident going into the recording” - Joel Primack


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Ensuring A Great Guest Experience - Joel Primack - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 037
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