Expectations For Interviewing Authors - Glenn Schmelzle - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 014

Starting a podcast can present many challenges, but they are not insurmountable and the rewards can be immense. In this episode, you’ll hear from a lifelong marketer, husband, hockey dad, and data geek that has recorded more than 115 podcast episodes over the past 4 years. Glenn Schmelzle is the Host of the Funnel Reboot podcast and Founder & Chief Data Analyst at Marketing What’s New. Glenn sheds light on why authors make great guests for new podcasters, how to approach podcast guest outreach, and how to create interview questions from your guest’s book. 
  • Starting a podcast is a great way to transform from a content consumer into a content producer. To make sure that your new podcast spreads worthwhile ideas, invite other content producers such as authors or podcast hosts on the show.
  • It’s important to remember that not every author has great ideas, but by reading their book ahead of time, you can assess their idea’s value. This is an important step because your audience is looking for worthwhile ideas. 
  • It’s crucial to set clear expectations with your guests, especially authors, to avoid the whole episode becoming an ad for them. Be upfront with your preferences for the feel and format of the show, the guest will appreciate having a plan.
  • When interviewing authors, your questions can come from the notes you wrote while reading their book. This allows you to ask a question they will know the answer to and be comfortable answering.
  • You should have multiple message templates that you can use in your guest outreach. Don’t be discouraged by rejections or silence. Get creative with your invitations because people receive and respond to different channels and messaging in different ways.
  • If you’re having trouble breaking through to very polished guests, try to gently but intently knock them off their center of gravity. Work in a few curveball questions and ask them about the positives of opposing viewpoints. Guests love getting new questions.
  • Don’t get hyper-focused on the number of downloads your podcast gets. Think about your specific niche and how to provide them with value, the numbers will grow over time as people discover and engage with your message. 
Quote of the Show:
  • “Podcasting and getting guests is business development, it’s the exact same thing” - Glenn Schmelzle

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Expectations For Interviewing Authors - Glenn Schmelzle - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 014
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