Figuring Out What To Bring To The Table - Stephen Shortt - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 011

Do you know who's listening to your podcast? Here to teach you how to understand what your audience is looking for is Stephen Shortt, Chief Executive Officer at ETC Consult and Host of Killer Family Business Podcast. Stephen gives advice on how to think of your audience and ask/answer the right questions. Knowing exactly how you want your guest to answer a question to keep the audience interested is key when asking them a question. Tune in to this wonderful episode! There's so much to learn from this one!

  • If you're a guest on someone's podcast, try to figure out who their audience is. What topics are the audience interested in the most?
  • When recording an episode, think about what the guests want out of the episode. Do they want connections? Do they want to sell their company to your audience?
  • Make sure your guests have great audio. Do practice runs with them on what microphone they should use. 
  • Ask your guests how the audience can connect with them. Asking this could lead to your guest having potential customers. 
  • Before you click the record button, casual talk with your guest to help them warm up for the call. Getting the warmed up will create more natural conversations. 
  • Be open to having your guests jump on a quick call with you so you can go over the questions you’ll be asking them and who your target audience is. This will help prepare your guest on how to answer your questions. 
Quote of the Show:
  • “Getting a Venn diagram of what the guest, host, and audience wants is the sweet spot for a good podcast.” (10:24)
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Figuring Out What To Bring To The Table - Stephen Shortt - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 011
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