How To Ask Great Questions - Melinda Wittstock - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 038

Get ready to learn from an award-winning podcaster and serial entrepreneur that is revolutionizing the audio and video experience of podcasts for both creators and consumers. She has been both the host and guest on thousands of podcast episodes. Melinda Wittstock is the Host of Wings of Inspired Business and Founder & CEO of Podopolo. Melinda shares what makes for the best interview podcasts, how to ask great questions, and a glimpse of the future of both podcasting and the way people communicate through social media. 

  • Be clear on the purpose behind starting your podcast. For example, Melinda launched Wings of Inspired Business to make a difference by creating an ecosystem to highlight and connect with fellow female entrepreneurs.
  • The best interviews feel just like conversations where the host asks a question they care about and are genuinely interested in the guest’s answer. It’s a great sign when the host is curious and learning from the guest right alongside the audience.
  • If the host is actively listening to their guest, they’re going to ask a great follow-up question. Many times, the best follow-up questions are “tell me more about…”, “how did that make you feel”, or “why did that happen”.
  • Podcast hosts should avoid being too performative in the way they ask their questions. Their focus should be bringing out the guest and a great indicator that they’re not doing this is when the questions are longer than the answers.
  • Asking open-ended questions like why, what, or how will lead to much better answers than asking yes or no questions, such as, “did you…”. This requires active listening from the host.
  • Get obsessed with the topic, not your format. Podcasters should focus on allowing the conversation to unfold naturally not hitting every question on their script. For example, if a guest shares a personal story, don’t just ask them the next scripted question. 
  • If a guest is providing extremely scripted answers and seems overly polished, try using some eliciting questions to get beneath the surface. Asking about something you know is incorrect will trigger them to correct you. Asking about their childhood can lead to a more authentic conversation.

Quote of the Show:
  • “The best interviewers really are great listeners” - Melinda Wittstock


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Casey Cheshire
Casey Cheshire
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Melinda Wittstock
CEO Podopolo @podopolonetwork Entrepreneur, FemaleFounder, and Podcaster. Host of WINGS of Inspired Business #ConsciousLeadership
How To Ask Great Questions - Melinda Wittstock - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 038
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