How To Build Your Unique Podcast Host Style - Randy Ksar - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 049

Our special guest today is a seasoned podcaster, a marketing thought leader, a content strategist, and a customer experience storyteller. Randy Ksar is the Head of Content & Influencer Marketing at Uniphore and Host of the Conversations That Matter Podcast.
Join us as we uncover his podcasting insights, his passion for meaningful conversations, and his commitment to crafting engaging experiences. Randy explains the art of honing your unique podcasting persona, the importance of ensuring guests target audience engagement, and how to incorporate new creative ideas to add spice to your podcast.

  • Being a good podcast host means knowing yourself, your tone, and your style. While guests are vital, your confidence, question-asking skills, and ability to navigate challenges are key to a compelling podcast.
  • Your tone of voice and genuine interest in the topic and guest are critical. Your audience needs engagement within the first few minutes; otherwise, they'll seek more interesting podcast options.
  • It's not always a topic or the subject matter that makes people want to tune into a podcast. It's also the actual host. Your unique approach, way of asking questions, and engagement are what define your podcast and draw listeners in.
  • Authenticity is vital in podcasting, especially with interview-format shows. Your style of hosting should be true to yourself, resembling a genuine conversation you could have anywhere. If not, consider rethinking your approach.
  • Podcasting is about building mutual value. Aim for meaningful conversations that provide value to both you and your guests. Thus fostering long-term relationships.
  • View B2B podcasting as a business endeavor; it should serve your company goals, connect with your target audience, and potentially convert prospects into leads and customers.
  • Add variety to your podcast with games and engaging segments. Don't be afraid to switch things up after some episodes and experiment with new ideas. Podcasting allows for AB testing and adapting based on audience feedback.

Quote of the Show:
  • Everything needs to relate back to the goal of what we're trying to do.” - Randy Ksar


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How To Build Your Unique Podcast Host Style - Randy Ksar - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 049
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