Kickstart Your Content Cascade - Nasreen Stump - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 032

This special episode is presented by an absolute content mastermind and SEO sensei. Nasreen Stump is a Connection Consultant and the Head of Content at Ringmaster B2B Podcasting. In this webinar, Nasreen helps marketers keep up with growing expectations, shares how to learn more about your prospects, and discusses the source for your next great content piece.
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  • There is immense pressure on B2B marketers now to provide more results while using up fewer resources. This is also coming at a time when traditional content creation is growing increasingly expensive, time-consuming, and ineffective.
  • The content B2B marketers dream of can all come from one source, a podcast. Repurposed content from podcasts is quick to create, reusable, valuable, engaging, and scalable. Podcast content drive leads and helps you build a relationship with prospects.
  • Good content must deliver on its promise, come from a place of expertise, and address actual challenges that consumers face. By interviewing subject matter experts on a podcast, you can create content full of innovative ideas and cutting-edge perspectives.
  • A B2B podcast can be repurposed into blogs, YouTube clips, Shorts/Reels/TikTok videos, LinkedIn videos, audiograms, tweets, images featuring quotes, and much more. For example, 1 single episode of this show was turned into 52 pieces of content!
  • You can design the questions of your podcast to provide great content for prospects at every level of your funnel. In this way, your podcast works like an incredibly valuable qualitative survey of whose opinions matter most for your business. 
  • Even if you don’t have your own podcast, listening to other podcasts can offer you extremely valuable insights. You can reference great points made on other podcasts in written content, speed up your ICP research, and learn more about your leads.
  • When improving the SEO of your existing content, you can use the many other pieces of content that come from a podcast. For example, you can embed YouTube videos, audio players, clips from social media, and original images taken from the podcast.
Quote of the Show:
  • “You’re never going to end up with the same piece of content across multiple podcasts” - Nasreen Stump

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Kickstart Your Content Cascade - Nasreen Stump - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 032
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