Listen, Connect, Engage - Vinay Koshy - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 061

Our esteemed guest today is Vinay Koshy, a podcasting veteran with over 400 episodes on his show, Predictable B2B Success. He's also the founder of Sproutworth, helping B2B companies boost revenue growth by converting customer interviews into compelling case stories. In today's episode, we'll delve into essential topics like listening skills, navigating disagreements, and the revealing power of storytelling.
  • Practice deep listening by paying attention to yourself, the content, context, and underlying meaning in conversations; it's a valuable skill often overlooked.
  • Embrace disagreement as it brings passion and emotion to discussions. When questioning, focus on unpacking both the logic and emotions involved for a more thorough understanding.
  • Everyone has stories and emotions. To uncover these narratives, actively listen and help individuals unpack their experiences. It's through storytelling that emotions, regardless of one's wiring, become apparent.
  • When discussing products, go beyond features and benefits. Connect with the audience by focusing on how the product solves real problems, understanding use cases, and making the information applicable for a more engaging and useful conversation.
  • Prioritize reliability over features when choosing podcasting tools. A bad tech experience can ruin a great conversation.
  • A successful interview involves guests who share experiences, knowledge, and personal stories. The power of storytelling makes episodes memorable and resonate with the audience.
  • For a more targeted approach, explore both sides of the client-service relationship, examining how guests serve clients and their perspectives as clients. This storytelling approach adds depth to discussions about success and journeys with products or services.

Quote of the Show:
  • “There's great value in actually being able to really listen to what's being said” - Vinay Koshy


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Listen, Connect, Engage - Vinay Koshy - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 061
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