Listening Between The Lines - Sarah Elkins - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 054

Our special guest today is a true master of storytelling and a dedicated advocate for personal growth. As a storyteller, StrengthsFinder Coach, professional keynote speaker, author, and Host of the Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will Podcast. Sarah possesses a unique talent for helping individuals unearth their most impactful narratives. With a passion for empowering others, Sarah specializes in guiding people to unveil their stories, allowing them to showcase their character, values, and vision. Sarah joins Casey as they delve into the art of storytelling and discover the transformative power of sharing meaningful narratives.

  • Effective interviewing involves two key elements: being an attentive listener and remaining flexible. Mastering these skills enhances communication in podcasts and various contexts, enabling deeper conversations and understanding.
  • Active listening involves not just hearing words, but observing body language and focusing on the speaker's response. Share your experiences not to dominate but to unlock their memories, fostering genuine connections and revealing meaningful narratives.
  • Everyone has valuable stories to share, even if they don't realize it. Acknowledging life experiences as stories can help express character, values, and vision effectively.
  • A story isn't just a label or statement; it's rooted in specific experiences that shape our beliefs. Labels like "not good enough" aren't stories; the stories lie in the moments that led to those beliefs, revealing deeper understanding and meaning.
  • A story comprises three essential parts: a setup, a problem, and a solution. Whether it follows the hero's journey or a simpler structure, these elements form the foundation of any narrative.
  • Preparing guests for storytelling involves emphasizing specific life moments where change occurred, shaping their self-perception and community roles. Focusing on pivotal life experiences and listening to snippets of past episodes can help guests understand the host's style, ensuring compelling and relevant storytelling on the podcast.
  • The uniqueness of the podcast lies in the host's ability to intuitively pick up on subtle cues, pulling threads in conversations to uncover deeper stories. Silence used thoughtfully, allows for meaningful reflection and redirection, creating a deeper and more authentic dialogue.

Quote of the Show:
  • “People know when you are sincere.” - Sarah Elkins


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Listening Between The Lines - Sarah Elkins - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 054
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