Metrics Magic - Fatima Zaidi - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 058

Today, we're joined by an accomplished serial entrepreneur, a prominent figure in the podcasting realm, and a recognized thought leader. In recent years, she has earned accolades such as two Top 30 Under 30 awards, the Veuve Clicquot Bold Future Award, and the Women in Content Marketing Award. Let's extend a warm welcome to Fatima Zaidi, the Founder & CEO at Quill Inc. and CoHost. Notable Life has honored her as Young Professional of the Year, and Flare Magazine has included her among their Top 100 Women. Additionally, Fatima imparts her knowledge as a professor at the University of Toronto, specializing in the field of podcasting.

  • Successful podcasting requires strategic marketing efforts beyond just creating content. Invest time and resources into audience growth, distinguish between awareness and conversion strategies, and understand that podcasting is a marathon, best suited for those seeking to connect intimately with a niche audience rather than aiming for instant mass appeal.
  • Focus on reaching your qualified audiences. With millions of podcasts available, connecting with your ideal listeners through strategic promotion and brand building is crucial for relevance and interaction, regardless of audience size.
  • Effective podcast marketing is essential for audience growth. Analogous to blog and video content, podcast promotion requires strategic ad spend. Targeting on platforms like Spotify Ad Studio ensures precision, while platforms like PlayerFM and CastBox offer quick conversions, though less qualified.
  • Banner ads in industry publications and organic tactics like awards, Apple's new and noteworthy, SEO-optimized blogs, and cross-promo ads further enhance visibility and audience engagement. A blend of paid and organic strategies is key for a successful podcast marketing campaign.
  • Distinguishing between podcasts and branded podcasts can be challenging due to industry ambiguity. Branded shows are associated with a specific brand or influencer. Branded podcasts often align with thought leadership, frequently adopting interview formats to educate and establish expertise. The key distinction lies in the presence of a brand or organizational association, marking a departure from independent content creation.
  • Balancing corporate objectives with engaging content for a podcast audience is a challenge. While client satisfaction is crucial, the ultimate success lies in resonating with listeners. Metrics like loyal listeners, repeat engagement and identifying drop-offs matter more than sheer downloads. Telling a compelling story enhances brand value, emphasizing that a good podcast naturally attracts engaged listeners without overt sales pitches.
  • Focusing solely on download numbers overlooks critical engagement metrics. A high download count doesn't guarantee audience engagement. The real value lies in constantly improving content to provide genuine value and keep the audience engaged. By understanding listener behavior and feedback, podcasters can create content that resonates, fostering long-lasting growth and sustainability for their show.

Quote of the Show:
  • “The whole reason that people should launch content is that they're trying to add value or entertain in some format” - Fatima Zaidi
  • “Podcasting is a marathon, not a sprint. If you're looking for instant gratification, this is not the right tactic for you” - Fatima Zaidi


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Metrics Magic - Fatima Zaidi - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 058
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