Podcast Guest Research Done Right - Fabian Geyrhalter - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 025

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, brand thought leader, and host of a podcast nearing its 100th episode! Fabian Geyrhalter is the Host of Hitting The Mark, the author of three Amazon best-selling books, and the Founder of Finien. Fabian drilled down into how to research guests for a podcast, why you need to leave room in your podcast script for the magic of the conversation, and how to create a community-supported revenue model for your podcast.
  • Researching your guest before recording a podcast with them is vital to having a great conversation on the show. You should spend at least 30 minutes learning about each guest, however, more than two hours of research is overkill.
  • The 3 key reasons you should invest time in guest research are to know what they have been involved with recently, learn about their personality and communication styles, and to understand how to approach asking the guest a difficult question.
  • Be authentic with your guests and the questions you ask them. If you are genuinely curious about them or something they shared, dig deeper. Your audience will likely want to know the answer to that question as well.
  • Having a loose framework for the flow of your podcast allows you to keep your bearings straight when recording the episode and gives the audience a sense of familiarity when they listen. Consider only having a few milestone questions for every episode. 
  • While recording your podcast, give yourself the freedom to rearrange the structure of your podcast to satisfy your curiosity and reach deeper conversations. Much of the magic of podcast conversations comes from when you allow flexibility in the show’s flow.
  • Three key benefits that B2B podcast hosts get from doing their show are a boost to their credibility and personal brand, the community that grows around the show, and access to amazing guests with whom they form relationships. 
  • An alternative to taking podcast sponsors and the accompanying headaches they bring is to use an audience-supported revenue model for the podcast. However, before you start charging money, you need to seriously think about the value you are providing.
Quote of the Show:
  • “In between the lines; the white space, I believe, is where the magic lies” - Fabian Geyrhalter
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Podcast Guest Research Done Right - Fabian Geyrhalter - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 025
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