Podcast Like Jazz - Nick McGowan - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 018

Having a great conversation with someone is a lot like playing jazz today’s guest can explain more because he is both a podcast host and a musician. Nick McGowan is the Host of The Mindset and Self-Mastery Show, a Mindset and Self-Mastery Coach, and a Senior Sales Executive at MediaLab 3D Solution. Nick expounds upon similarities between podcasting and playing jazz, how to make sure your guests understand what to expect, and what listening to understand does for the quality of your conversation. 
  • When your podcast isn’t constricted by an overly rigid script, you can uncover beautiful conversations that take you in fascinating new directions. Over-reliance on a podcast script limits the depth of connection that you can form with a guest.
  • While hosting a podcast, you need to be proactive and reactive. Having a loose framework of questions but if your guest shares something interesting, you should dig deeper rather than just moving to the next question.
  • Before recording the podcast, make sure you’re on the same page with the guest by explaining the basic flow of the show and some of the most important questions. This way, when you start going off-book, your guest will still be comfortable. 
  • It’s important to have a good understanding of who your guests are before having them on. You shouldn’t be afraid to decline to have the guest on if their message conflicts with yours or if you think they are just trying to use the podcast to pitch what they’re selling. 
  • It’s important to treat all of your guests the same, whether they’re celebrities or old friends because the end goal of your show should remain the same. 
  • You should listen to understand your guest. Don’t spend your time thinking about what you can say next. When you’re listening to understand, the next questions will come to you naturally. Before asking, think about if the question will add value for the audience.
  • If your guest gets lost, it’s ok to pause and have your editor remove that section. If you get lost as the host, you can ask the guest to expand upon their answer or just transition and ask another question. Most listeners won’t notice unless you alert them to an issue. 
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  • “Having a great conversation with guest is like playing jazz” - Nick McGowan
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Podcast Like Jazz - Nick McGowan - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 018
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