Podcast Pipeline Power - Susan Diaz - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 059

Our esteemed guest today is Susan Diaz. As a highly accomplished entrepreneur, she is the Founder & CEO of C+P Digital, an innovative full-service AI agency with a primary focus on strategic marketing solutions. Susan is not only a successful business leader but also a published author, having written the insightful book titled "UNboring: Take your Content Marketing from Blah to Brilliant."
In addition to her entrepreneurial pursuits, Susan wears the hat of a seasoned podcaster. She is the co-host of The 4 AM Report Podcast and the ABCDEI Podcast, where her expertise and engaging discussions shine through. Join us as we delve into the multifaceted world of Susan Diaz's experiences and insights.
  • Build a business pipeline through valuable conversations for scale and recognition, ensuring it serves its purpose as the primary engagement point.
  • By prioritizing ideal clients as guests, your podcast can delve into their challenges, providing valuable insights and creating engaging content.
  • Unlike structured speaking engagements with predetermined questions, the appeal of a conversational podcast lies in its enjoyable and engaging nature. The freedom for follow-up discussions fosters a more dynamic and immersive experience for both guests and listeners.
  • For your guests, consider embracing asynchronous preparation over prep calls. This allows your guests to dive into episodes and gather information independently for a more thorough and comfortable readiness, especially if you lean towards introversion.
  • Avoiding prep calls can prevent the risk of forgetting crucial points during the actual conversation, especially with anxious guests. Embracing a more spontaneous approach allows for natural discussions, and even if some details are missed, the overall quality of the conversation remains strong.
  • Embracing various approaches, such as skipping prep calls, highlights the importance of adapting to guests' preferences. It underscores the idea that there's no one-size-fits-all method in podcasting, emphasizing the value of listening to and understanding each guest individually.
  • Building business relationships through podcasting involves a circular process of reciprocity. It begins with establishing trust by delivering on promises and showcasing your expertise. The co-created content becomes a shared asset, fostering pride and trust. Staying in touch, not through traditional marketing but with meaningful interactions, eventually leads to referrals and mutual support.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Even if I do the same thing as everyone else, I've got to believe that I serve the world in a different way.” - Susan Diaz


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Podcast Pipeline Power - Susan Diaz - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 059
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