Podcast Pivot - Adam Robinson - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 060

Our featured guest for today is a seasoned entrepreneur, a proficient marketer, and a successful investor with a track record of launching and managing thriving startups. Please welcome Adam Robinson, the Founder and CEO of Retention.com and the host of the ​​10 Years in the Making Podcast.

  • Start your podcasting journey by asking meaningful questions. Aim for insights that either provoke thought or offer actionable advice. Consider adapting content for short-form videos to broaden distribution. The key is to make your interviews versatile and valuable to maximize impact.
  • Transform your podcast for better results by being intentional about your audience. Consider adapting your content to match what your audience truly wants, making your research process more efficient and the podcast more engaging.
  • Enhance your podcast by coaching guests for impactful soundbites. Encourage them to repeat key points in a condensed form, ensuring clarity and avoiding rambling. This technique helps distill valuable information for your audience.
  • While podcast agencies can excel in production, having an in-house team allows for deeper and more tailored content creation. Consider the flexibility and alignment with company goals that an internal team can provide, offering a personalized approach beyond the structured services of an agency.
  • When building an in-house podcast team, prioritize a content manager mindset. Look beyond podcast production and identify topics that can fuel various content formats like LinkedIn posts and short-form videos. Encourage team members to contribute to the larger content strategy, aligning the podcast with broader marketing goals rather than treating it in isolation.
  • Embrace the learning curve in content creation. Acknowledge that it's okay not to have all the answers from the start. Focus on understanding your purpose, goals, and what success means for your content. Instead of rushing into it, take the time to learn and refine your approach gradually.
  • Transform your podcast into a lead generation tool by considering paid distribution on platforms like LinkedIn. If spending on reaching a wider and more qualified audience brings substantial returns, it's a strategic investment. Aim for a product that aligns with your target audience and competes favorably with leading shows. Success lies in creating a podcast that not only meets your criteria but also serves as an effective lead-generation mechanism.


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Podcast Pivot - Adam Robinson - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 060
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