Predicting 2023 Podcast Trends - Nasreen Stump - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 023

Today’s guest is a content and SEO thought leader and powerhouse. She’s an insatiable writer, that loves digging into a menagerie of topics, from travel to podcasting and much more. With her background in both marketing and sales, she’s able to kick ass at just about anything. Nasreen Stump is a Connection Consultant and the Head of Content at Ringmaster B2B Podcasting. Nasreen used her crystal ball in this episode to predict the biggest coming opportunities in 2023 for podcasting and B2B content overall. Of the trends Nasreen highlighted, the most intriguing are the growing adoption of video podcasts, potential changes to reporting podcast metrics, and which aspects of live-streaming content creation 
Topic Timestamps:
00:00 The Perfect Intro™ for Nasreen Stump
02:03 Predicting 2023 Podcast Trends
03:25 Why Your Podcast Needs Video Content
10:00 The Future of Podcast Stats & Podcast Advertising
19:27 Podcast Network Best Practices
22:45 Twitter Spaces’ Risk and Reward for Content Creators
26:58 What B2B Marketers need to learn from Twitch Streamers
  • A growing number of podcast streaming platforms are adding video players to accommodate the growing demand for video podcasts. The best example of this is Spotify’s Anchor, which allows users to watch or listen to their favorite podcasts.
  • Because many podcasters already record video as part of their episodes, meeting the demand for visual content should not be an issue. YouTube is investing in a podcast-first experience for users that want to consume content on the video-focused platform.
  • Posts promoting podcast episodes on social media perform much better when accompanied by a video micro-clip repurposed from the podcast. For increased engagement and accessibility, add captions to your promotional clips.
  • Accurate reporting for podcast metrics is still an issue, especially for advertisers. Despite progress made with IAB-verified distribution statistics, there are still podcasters and podcast networks finding ways to cheat the system and boost their KPIs.
  • With more money flowing into podcast advertising, advertisers are feeling the impact of skyrocketing CPM. Compared to advertising on major podcast networks and apps, it is often cheaper for companies to create and produce their own branded podcasts. 
  • Twitter Spaces offers a huge opportunity to content creators, especially solo podcasters, but there are risks. This new feature on a major platform has the potential for podcasters to focus on their niche and build a community while being rewarded as early adopters.
  • So many B2B webinars borrow the most boring parts of school and leave attendees dumbfounded as to why they joined in. B2B Marketers can learn from Twitch creators who interact, teach, and entertain large, engaged audiences while live-streaming.
  • As Rev Ops and Chief Evangelists become increasingly crucial to brands, their need to authentically connect with their audience and create quality content that delivers value grows. B2B podcasts are among the most efficient and effective ways to meet that need. 
Quote of the Show:
  • “You need to understand your customer. You need to understand where the money is coming from. You need to connect with them. You need to solve the problem. You need to work together. You need to fit into their plan” - Nasreen Stump
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Predicting 2023 Podcast Trends - Nasreen Stump - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 023
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