Radically Candid Conversations - Don Williams - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 019

Today’s guest is a serial entrepreneur, sales & marketing advisor, coach, & mentor to some of the biggest entrepreneurs and companies. He also manages to find to be an investor, podcast host, renowned speaker, and author. Don Williams is the Host of The Proven Entrepreneur Show, the author of four books, and the CEO of Don Williams Global. Don shares what being radically candid can do for your podcast, what is lost when recording remotely instead of in person, and a few best practices for recording your podcast live in a studio. 
  • When you show your guest that you are being brutally authentic by using radical candor, your guest will feel comfortable being themselves and sharing and sharing their experiences openly and honestly. 
  • The best form of communication is face-to-face because around 70% of what humans communicate to one another is non-verbal. Obviously, face-to-face is not always an option, and in these cases, a video call is the next best thing.
  • Recording your podcast on a video platform, such as Zoom, provides a much richer experience for the guest, host, and audience. This is in large part because of nonverbal signals visible on the video, although this doesn't provide as many as face-to-face.
  • The next time you instinctively have a strong feeling about something, make an effort to explore the opposite perspectives and battle your biases. This exercise will help you value the opinions of others more, especially if they contradict your own thoughts.
  • When recording live with a guest in a studio, use a 3-camera setup if possible. This way each guest has a dedicated camera and the 3rd can capture both the host and the guest. If you mix the video feed live, you’ll save a lot of editing time.
  • One of the cardinal sins of podcasting is hitting the desk, this creates a lot of noise that will have to be cut in post-production, especially if you’re not using a boom arm. One way to dampen the sound of hitting the table is to lay a thick piece of leather over it.
  • One way to avoid recording an overly-scripted podcast is to not tell the guest any of the questions beforehand. While they may be apprehensive at first, once they see your radical candor, their angst will subside and you’ll end up with a great conversation.
Quote of the Show:
  • “To me, what makes the best show is the brutal honesty” - Don Williams
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Radically Candid Conversations - Don Williams - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 019
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