The Tent Pole Strategy - Mike Montague - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 067

Our special guest today is Mike Montague, a professional podcaster, speaker, writer, & game show host at Playful Humans and VP of Community Engagement at Sandler. Mike shares his insights on podcasting, emphasizing the importance of 'tent poles' - knowing the beginning, middle, and end of the show. These tent poles allow for flexibility and improvisation while ensuring the podcast is structured and engaging. Mike also discusses the importance of listening in interviews, preparation, and making content audience-centric. He details his experiences hosting the How to Succeed Podcast and his passion project, the Playful Humans Podcast.

  • Although a certain level of spontaneity is necessary, make sure that you are prepared with a clear agenda and direction for your podcast; this includes doing preliminary research on your guest if applicable.
  • Having a clear structure, and implementing 'tent poles' or clear markers for the beginning, middle, and end of your podcast helps you stay organized while also allowing for flexibility and spontaneity.
  • Be responsive and adaptive to the conversation flow. It's okay to deviate from your script and follow the flow of the conversation, as it can yield more authentic and engaging discussions.
  • Incorporate entertainment and education: A successful podcast often educates its listeners while simultaneously keeping them entertained. 
  • While both host and guests are important, prioritizing the value you provide for your audience should be paramount.

Quote of the Show:
  • “I'm kind of an improv guy. I like to do it live. I like to see what happens. Mistakes are okay, I'm not trying to create this polished interview that is perfect. I want it to be a little messy.” - Mike Montague


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The Tent Pole Strategy - Mike Montague - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 067
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