Your Guide To Podcast Guesting - Tom Schwab - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 035

Being a guest on a podcast can provide amazing benefits to both you and your company, however, there are some important nuances you need to know before getting started. This episode’s special guest is a serial entrepreneur, marketer, and thought leader in the podcast world. He has been referred to as “The Category King in Podcast Interview Marketing”. Tom Schwab is the Chief Evangelist Officer & Founder of Interview Valet, author of Podcast Guest Profits, and Host of the upcoming Ordinary to You, Amazing to Others podcast. Tom explains why you should avoid “Trojan Podcasts”, the three tips to being a great podcast guest, and how to choose the right podcast for you to appear on.
  • When you think about your best clients, it’s likely that they didn’t come from a funnel but rather from a conversation. In both your business and personal lives, the higher value of the relationship, the more conversations you’ll need to build a connection.
  • Trojan Podcasts use mass emails to send invitations that then lead to a lengthy form. Then follows a screening call with a salesperson and finally a very short podcast recording followed by a lengthy pitch from the podcast host. 
  • One of the best ways to grow your podcast audience is to guest on other podcasts. When selecting podcasts that you would like to appear on, it’s more important to focus on who is listening to the show than it is what the show is about. 
  • If you only ever guest on shows that are all focused on one specific topic, you’ll have a hard time sticking out to the listeners because you will sound like every other guest on that show. It’s important to mix some variety into the podcasts you appear on.
  • Podcast Guesting Rule #1: Your job is to make the Host look like a genius for inviting you on the show. You should provide as much value as possible. Don’t hold something back because it’s in your book, share everything you have without pitching.
  • Podcast Guesting Rule #2: Be a gracious guest. This means showing up prepared and on time, thanking the host afterward, making sure your audio quality is great, understanding what their podcast is about, and listening to a few episodes beforehand.
  • Podcast Guesting Rule #3: Promote the episode as well and as diligently as the host does. Just because you’re the guest doesn’t mean you are off the hook for promoting the podcast. This a great way to get invited back on the podcast and other shows.
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  • “You're not one funnel away, you're one conversation away.” - Tom Schwab
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Your Guide To Podcast Guesting - Tom Schwab - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 035
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