Your Podcast’s Mission Statement - Joe Casabona - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 026

Our next featured performer to enter the center ring helps people grow their podcasts into five-figure businesses. He is an entrepreneur, podcasting thought leader, coach, and the Gandalf the Grey of Podcasting. He has over a decade of experience in podcasting and knows all about getting sponsorships for your podcast. Joe Casabona is the host of How I Built It and The Profitable Podcaster and is also a Podcast Producer and Coach at Podcast Liftoff. Joe discussed how to define the mission statement of your podcast, how to choose the right sponsors for your show, and what mini-podcasting can do for your brand. 
  • You need to define the mission statement of your podcast. This gives your podcast direction and serves as a guiding light for what content to create, who to invite as guests, and how to select sponsors.
  • Use this template like a mad-lib to fill out your podcast’s mission statement: “My podcast helps [Target Audience] solve [The Problem] by [Goal of Each Episode].”
  • Although it might seem counter-intuitive, your podcast’s target audience should niche down and speak to a specific audience. If your podcast isn’t resonating with people, podcasting gives you the chance to experiment and switch things like format and topic.
  • Be specific about the problem that your podcast will help your target audience solve. This is another great way to segment your audience and make sure you’re reaching the people who actually have that problem and need help with it. 
  • The goal of each episode should be to present your audience with a solution to the specific problem they are facing. This goal is crucial for informing your guest outreach, solo episodes, podcast trailer, and bonus episodes of your podcast.
  • When looking for sponsors, make sure you can believe in their product and that it solves the same problem that your podcast is supposed to solve for your target audience. Your sponsorship decisions should always come back to your mission statement.
  • Mini-podcasts with solo episodes that are 20 minutes or less in duration are a great way to establish your authority. These are extremely easy to repurpose into other content. Within an hour and a half, you should be able to create a month’s worth of episodes.
Quote of the Show:
  • “Podcasting is bar none, one of the best ways to get people to know, like, and trust you” - Joe Casabona
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Your Podcast’s Mission Statement - Joe Casabona - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode # 026
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