Relationality Improves Your Podcast - Paul Zelizer - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode #042

Brilliant minds don’t always make for a great podcast. Good discussion and empathetic guests appeal to an audience better than improperly conveyed information. Learn how to improve from someone with a graduate-level education in counseling psychology, years of experience and training in the counseling profession, and experience pivoting his knowledge to apply to his podcast. Listen in to hear from social entrepreneur and founder of Awarepreneurs, Paul Zelizer. 

In today’s episode, you will learn how to discover the right guests, nurture the right connections, and find the balance between overly coached conversations and tangential discussions. You will also hear how to engage your audience using empathy and overall, create the greatest podcast.

  • Find the right guests and prepare them to have extraordinary dialogues. Take the time for a prep call to build rapport with the guest, tell them about your audience, and explain the type of dialogue you want to have, whether it’s precise, loose, or a mix of the two.
  • You can have two brilliant people on a podcast with a poor relationship or two average people with a great relationship. The latter is superior. Build a rapport with your guest, even if you only have five or ten minutes to talk before hitting record.
  • Find a way to describe your audience to your podcast guest, so they can adapt their information and conversation to appeal to them. Be able to explain what the audience cares about, what they want to learn, and why they listen to your show. 
  • Build relationships with PR and podcast booking agencies, these agencies get paid by their clients to get them on shows that have their niche audiences. It may take time, but the effort pays off in the form of referrals for the ideal guests. 
  • Find the balance between overly stiff conversation and unstructured tangential speaking. If the guest turns into a college lecturer, the listener may tune out, but the same outcome can happen if the guest breaks into too many side discussions with no relation. 
  • If your guest starts to speak as though they have been overly coached, don't be afraid to interrupt them to improve the interactivity of the conversation. Generally, podcast listeners prefer a "good combination of relationality" rather than a TED Talk style speech. 
  • Podcasting allows the host and the guests to be invited into the space between listeners' ears. It is the most intimate form of mass communication so you need to make it relational, you need to incorporate real-life context into the conversation.

Quote of the Show:
  • “Emotional intelligence is more predictive to your success in business than your technical skills” - Paul Zelizer



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Casey Cheshire
Casey Cheshire
Founder & Podcast Architect at Ringmaster
Paul Zelizer
Paul Zelizer
Social entrepreneur and Founder of Awarepreneurs.
Relationality Improves Your Podcast - Paul Zelizer - Creating The Greatest Show - Episode #042
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