The 4 Steps to Be a Great Podcast Guest - Trent Anderson - Creating The Greatest Show - Ep # 045

Today’s guest is a seasoned sales & marketing leader, podcasting thought leader, coach & consultant. Trent Anderson is the Head of Podcast Publisher Partnerships at Podchaser and currently hosts an internal podcast, although he previously hosted the Norton Norris Podcast. Trent discusses how to be a great podcast guest, what goes into designing a successful podcast, and the basics of podcast networks. Trent also shares what he would do to get on The Joe Rogan Experience if he had unlimited time and resources. 

  • To find the right podcast to appear as a guest on, consider the content, context, audience, and reach. Content means the topic of the show. Context is the POV of the show and host. Audience refers to the type of people listening to the show, including their level of understanding of the show’s topic. Reach is how many of those audience members listen to the podcast.
  • When creating a new podcast around a specific topic, look at how other shows are covering that topic and then find a new perspective. For example, if most shows discuss the theories around X, consider starting a show that provides practical applications of X.
  • If you are creating and hosting a show that promises to give the audience tactical advice about applying X, make sure each episode leaves the audience with at least one thing they can learn and implement.
  • Great podcast guests have their own perspectives on their given areas of expertise and are prepared to share that on the shows they appear on. Without a clearly thought-out point of view, guests tend to share very surface-level content and fail to stand out.
  • Don’t worry about appealing to the total addressable market with your podcast, especially if it’s a branded podcast. By having a clear point of view as the host, your show will delight the people that agree with it and repel those who don’t.
  • Being a good podcast host takes a lot of preparation in order to have an engaging and valuable conversation with a guest. For some hosts, this preparation can become too repetitive and is a leading cause of podfade.
  • Before launching a podcast or guesting on podcasts, invest time into understanding your audience on a deep level. If they listen to podcasts, what are they trying to get out of listening to those podcasts? Education? Entertainment? News?
  • Podcast networks come in all sizes from as few as two shows to as many as two hundred different shows. The main purpose of a podcast network is to negotiate advertising deals with large advertisers for multiple shows at once. 

Quote of the Show:
  • “You become interesting by being interested in something.” -  Trent Anderson


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  • Nicolas Cole
  • Dickie Bush
  • Never Split The Difference by Christopher Voss
  • The Gray Man by Mark Greaney
  • Akira The Don
  • Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
  • Mike Nussbaum

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The 4 Steps to Be a Great Podcast Guest -  Trent Anderson - Creating The Greatest Show - Ep # 045
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